Victoria Hero Discount

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Here at Burley Cleaning we would like to give back a little in our fantastic community. That’s why we’re offering a 10% discount to members of the military and VIHA employees. Just let us know that you qualify for the discount when you book your cleaning appointment at 778-430-0303.
counter top cleaning tip

Solid Surface Countertop Care

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Are you lucky enough to have some sweet solid surface counter tops? Treat that granite/marble/quartz right. Never go near it with powdered cleanser, or a scraper, or even a scrubby pad. We only use an environmentally friendly liquid cleaner to pamper all of our client’s stone tops.

Nope. Nasty. Nope.

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How clean is your trash can? You know, that one under the sink? You probably line it with a bag, but how often do you clean the inside of the can? Seriously, it gets nasty in there. Give us a call at 778-430-0303 and we’ll come take care of that and all of your other cleaning jobs.