What’s Better Than One Maid? Two Maids!

Here at Burley Cleaning we pride ourselves on offering the most professional and dependable maid service in Victoria. Our 2-member cleaning teams are trained according to the latest cutting edge standards and will arrive at your home on time every time. We pride ourselves in being the kind of reliable cleaners Victoria has been waiting for.

From our cute little white branded cars to our allergen free HEPA vacuum cleaners all of Burley Cleaning’s equipment is top of the line and ready to perform in your home. When you hire a maid service you don’t want to have them show up at your front door asking about what cleaning supplies you have and if you have an upright or built in vacuum cleaner. Forget about it. Burley Cleaning Maid Service always turns up ready to perform with state of the art biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and the latest technologically advanced cleaning equipment.

The Art of the Maid

Unlike so many of the independent maids you may find on local service provider websites, at Burley Cleaning we pride ourselves on our career choice. This is not something that we’re doing between gigs. We aren’t really students trying to make a buck on the side. We love to clean and we love to help people. When we were looking for a niche in the business world providing maid services was just a natural fit for us. So many people dread pulling out the vacuum cleaner. So many more cower before a toilet that needs scrubbing. Not us!

Our 2-member maid crews love nothing more than tackling the cleaning jobs around your home that you either don’t have time for or simply refuse to do on principle. This is not a job we do because we can’t do anything else. We take pride in our work and we’re proud to be able to provide a service that so many in Victoria require.

The Best Maid Service Victoria Has to Offer

What separates a good maid service from a great one? We always take the time to survey our customers once we’re off the clock of course! What we hear again and again is that people in Victoria are looking for an expert cleaning company that is responsive to their needs. Those needs are particular to each individual client but they often have a few things in common.

  • Reliability
  • Promptness
  • Friendliness
  • Enthusiasm
  • Consistency
  • Hard Work

maid service victoria

Our clients hate to feel as though their maid is wasting time while on the clock. Burley Cleaning Maid Service is always mindful not to be too chatty with our client, not to be texting or using the mobile phone while on the job. We never smoke on your property either. Your comfort and security is our highest priority while working on your property.

One of our specialties is providing move out cleaning services. Our sister company 2 Burley Men Moving carries out hundreds of moves every month in Victoria and we are often there to give our client’s home a final cleaning while they are at their new home unpacking and setting up their new house. We are happy to be an integral part of so many people getting their full damage deposit back upon moving out of their old apartment or house. If you or someone you know needs a specialty move out clean just give us a call at 778-430-3030 or use the email form here.

Our 2 maid crews are certainly not afraid of hard work. We are no strangers to rolling up our sleeves and getting in a bit of cardio while bringing your home up to a clean clear shine. With all of the cleaning Victoria [LINK] needs you can imagine that we stay in pretty good shape!

  • scrubbing bathtubs
  • disinfecting counter tops
  • wiping out kitchen cabinets
  • polishing wood floors
  • cleaning windows interior
  • scrubbing toilets
  • kitchen sink cleaning

All of this hard work leads to some healthy and fit Burley Cleaning Maids!

Custom Cleaning Programs Designed Around You

Many of our clients don’t mind doing some of their housekeeping themselves and we’re always happy to work with you to create a cleaning plan that fits you and your schedule. Most people know how it is to clean the house. Dust, vacuum, clean the kitchen, maybe even do the bathroom. But that’s all the time and energy that they have for this week. There are still so many things that you didn’t get around to yet again. We can step in and clean those things that you never get to.

  • windows interior
  • laundry room tub sink
  • baseboards
  • walls
  • book shelves
  • dining room cabinetry
  • inside the fridge
  • inside kitchen cabinets
  • window ledges and frames
  • dust blinds

When it comes to some of the more in-depth cleaning required of a professional maids service people expect to contract an expert cleaning company in Victoria. Amateurs and fly-by-night organizations need not apply here. You deserve to finally be impressed with your professional maid service. We offer discounts for members of the military and VIHA as well as a $10 per hour discount when you book your move and clean together. Check out all of our rates for maid services here.

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