Los Angeles COVID 19 sanitizing crew

Los Angeles COVID 19 sanitizing crew

KVAC Environmental is a waste management and disposal company, and we go great lengths to build a safer and greener tomorrow. Our Los Angeles COVID 19 sanitizing crew offers excellent Coronavirus infection cleanup services for porous and non-porous surfaces in and around your home at low prices.

Our residential cleanup for coronavirus contamination 

One of the main ways by which the coronavirus transmits from one person to another is through contaminated surfaces. Evidence suggests that this virus can survive for several hours to days on porous and non-porous surfaces. This is one of the greatest threats that we face today each time we visit the grocery store, drug store, and other public places.

We offer the best cleanup services for COVID 19 in LA with a team of experienced and skilled technicians. We follow the CDC guidelines to mitigate the contamination of the coronavirus in your indoor and outdoor surfaces. We wipe all surfaces around your house as needed and follow it with disinfection. Professional cleaning and disinfection can protect you and your family from contracting COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses.

How long does the novel coronavirus live on surfaces?

One study conducted by scientists from the CDC suggests that the COVID-19 virus can resist for up to three days on plastic and stainless steel. This means that if patients with COVID-19 touches a doorknob, handle, table, countertop, keyboard, or light switches, the novel coronavirus can live on these surfaces for up to 72 hours. It is highly important that you constantly clean and disinfect your homes and cars each time after you return from a public place. It is also crucial that you follow this cleaning protocol if someone in your house exhibits symptoms of COVID 19.

When it comes to the virus's life span on fabrics, it is yet to be determined. However, the CDC recommends that you change and wash your clothes each time after you return home from a public place or a place of business. The CDC also recommends that you use the warmest water setting in your washing machine to wash your clothes and dry them. Be sure to follow the same cleaning protocol for your clothes, towels, and other fabrics, if you are caring for someone sick.

What to do if someone with coronavirus has been to your establishment?

If a potential COVID-19 patient visits your home or place of business, you must call a professional cleaning service provider to clean and disinfect your establishment with an EPA-registered disinfectant.

We use CDC approved protocols to clean and disinfect surfaces such as floors, walls, tables, doorknobs, light switches, faucets, sinks, handles, desks, and toilets.

Contact KVAC Environmental today to schedule a CDC-compliant COVID-19 sanitizing service or visit https://kvacenv.com/contact/. Our Los Angeles COVID 19 sanitizing crew offers comprehensive cleanup and disinfection services for your homes or workspaces and ensure that you are 100% safe from contracting the virus.

Los Angeles COVID 19 sanitizing crew

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Los Angeles COVID 19 sanitizing crew

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