We Are Your Housekeeper in Victoria BC

Have you always dreamed of having your very own housekeeper? Most people think that having a maid to keep the house clean is a luxury that is reserved for the rich jet-set. At Burley Cleaning we believe working class people deserve to experience the time and freedom afforded when you have a housekeeper to take care of cleaning your house while you're off doing something that holds more value for you in your life. Whether you're a single parent, working parent, or just a single with better things to do than scrub toilets and mop floors, we believe everybody has unlocked potential that can only be realized when you're focusing your efforts on those areas of your life that give you the highest satisfaction rate of return.


That all sounds a bit new-age to some, but when you think about how distracted you get with mundane home cleaning tasks you start to think about how that time, effort, and focus could help you achieve your goals in other areas of your life. First, let's look at some of the things you likely focus on when you're at home. Well, there's the dusting. Always with the dusting. We won't gross you out getting into the details of what dust actually is, better to jump over to this Time Magazine story for the full gory details. Keeping up with the household dusting would frazzle even the most conscientious housekeeper. When you know that your very own Victoria housekeeper is coming at the end of the week it makes living with the dust on a temporary basis much more comfortable!

What Is This Downton Abbey?

Okay, so technically a housekeeper is described as the household staff member who oversees the cleaning staff and you're likely not going to have a gaggle of staff living in your attic and attending to your every household need (although wouldn't that be nice!). Most people these days use the term interchangeably with maid or cleaning lady. Once you've decided whether to hire an individual to clean your home or a cleaning company, what you want most is to have one or two people that you see each week, or every other week, that you can come to know and count on to clean your home the way you want it done. A housekeeper evokes visions of a grateful and obedient employee who is invested in learning about you and getting to know you as a person as well as your family. You want your maid to know how you like your dishes put away, what kind of product you like used on your marble countertops, and how careful you need her to be with your glass shower surround. At Burley Cleaning we keep a detailed and ongoing check list of what you like done and how you like it done.


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What's On Your Housekeeping Checklist?

Kitchen Bathroom Living Room
sanitize sink sanitize toilet clear cobwebs
clean ss appliances clean sink/taps dust top to bottom
soft clean counters sanitize shower clean window ledges
clean cupboard doors gently clean shower glass clean floors/carpets

No matter the room or the job your Burley Cleaning housekeeper will be happy to accommodate whatever house cleaning needs you may have. If any of your home cleaning needs seem to you to be a little out of the normal scope of a regular clean, just let us know ahead of time with a phone call or an email so that we can make sure your assigned housekeeper is prepared with both time and supplies and equipment to fulfill all of your requirements.


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