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Having grown from our sister company, 2 Burley Men Moving, we have quickly become one of Victoria's favourite house cleaning companies. We built our company model, and our systems, from the ground up with our customers in mind. Everyone who works here at Burley Cleaning has had the experience of searching for a housekeeper. It is not an easy process. We know that. We studies our experiences and polled many friends and family and gathered all of their stories. We looked at all of the common characteristics of these stories and used them to design our business practices and processes. All of these stories had a number of similarities. Some of the similarities were positive aspects and some were decidedly negative.


Before you call us, we know that you're having a little anxiety thinking that this experience might just be like all of the other negative ones you've had. We answer the phone in a professional manner. We treat you like a valued customer and friend. We are prepared to answer your questions and help you to feel comfortable booking an appointment.


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Great Cleaning Company - Great Reviews

We haven't been in business as long as some of our competitors in Victoria but we have made a big impact in the lives of our loyal customers. They have given us very positive feedback on our Burley Cleaning Facebook Page where we've had some really great conversations with our customers both current and potential future customers.



 Morgan A. Fankboner reviewed Burley Cleaning5 star
September 29, 2016 ·
They did my move out clean last Sun and were outstanding. Hard workers and pleasant, client -focussed folks concerned about quality assurance. Caidence and Thor... Yep, I remember their names and I am bad with names



 Brenda Wells Neufeld reviewed Burley Cleaning5 star

October 18, 2016 ·

Ashley and Kimmy did a badly needed "move in" clean of our condo. I can't say enough about how much I appreciated their pleasant, professional approach. The work was excellent and made the rest of the "move in" week a lot less stressful! Thank you again!


 Christopher Matthew Edward Shook reviewed Burley Cleaning5 star

December 22, 2016 ·

Caidence and Sadie conducted a moving out clean 29 Oct 2016 and let me tell you the place was spotless. The kitchen was sparkling, in and under the stove and fridge was clean, the bathroom also looked amazing. Next time I call this Burley Cleaning I will be asking for Caidence and Sadie again.

We'd like to thank all of our Victoria Facebook Friends for their valued and continued support.

One of our most valuable resources is our Google Business Listing. Almost without fail our customers have been generous with us. They leave nice 5 star Google reviews as well as recommend us to their friends and families.


I had Burley Cleaning come over to clean my house before compnay arrived. They sent two women in a cute little Burley Cleaning car. They were both personable and professional. They did a great job, were very effective. No talking on cell phones, no excuses. They arrived on time and charged what they quoted. I'd be happy to use them again any time!


Thank you to Alisha, Clint, Thea and Kimmy. You did an awesome job on our crazy move out day. You went above and beyond by being proactive and calling in another cleaner after assessing the situation. Our place was bigger than most people realize at first so it was a good call. The whole house was clean and fresh by the time you left. A great team effort?


I had my house cleaned by Burley Cleaning, in anticipation of upcoming house sale. I wanted the house to sparkle for promo photos and prospective buyers. It did indeed sparkle and comments trickled down to me how clean it was. Thank you SO much Alicia, The and Clint for the super job and for going over and above!

What's Holding You Back?

Let's face it, there are always reasons not to take the plunge and call to book your house cleaning appointment. Many people think that they can't afford a professional cleaning team. You know, we don't have to come and do a completely thorough clean. Why not book a 1 or 2 hour clean. We'll get the basics done like the dusting, floors, bathrooms, and kitchen. Then you will have the time to be your own housekeeper and take care of some of those household chores that you never have time to get to because you're so busy doing the basic stuff.


Hopefully looking at our stellar reviews will put your mind at ease enough to take the plunge and hire, perhaps for the first time, your very own professional house cleaning service in Victoria.

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