A Healthy Obsession With Cleaning

OK, we admit it. At Burley Cleaning we are just a bit obsessed with cleaning. We work every day cleaning homes, offices, warehouses, construction sites – pretty much anywhere there is dirt you’ll find our friendly house cleaners.. Zipping through the streets of Victoria and the Capital region in our hot little branded cars, our merry band of maids are always on the lookout for opportunities to make Victoria a Cleaner place to live. Starting from the inside of your house.

You Deserve A Little Rest And Relaxation

Most people think that paying someone to clean their house is either decadent, self-indulgent, or lazy. People go through their whole lives cleaning their own toilets and scrubbing their own floors without taking some time to reflect on the true cost of their attitudes toward cleaning.

Who Are You? What Do You Do?

Assuming that you are not a cleaning professional yourself, there is a good chance that your time would be more effectively spent doing something else. The real question is, what is cleaning keeping you from? How would you benefit from our house cleaners? Are you a parent? Every child should learn how to take care of themselves and teaching your children how to take care of basic home maintenance including cleaning is essential. Beyond those lessons what are you teaching your children when you’re too busy doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, and sweeping floors to play with them, help them with their homework, or play outside with them?

House Cleaners Victoria –  Burley Cleaning

At Burley Cleaning we have families too. Cleaning your home is how we support them. Don’t think of having a professional cleaning crew at your home as a weakness but rather as a strength. While our 2 person cleaning crew does your housework you can get to things that nobody else can do for you. Some of these things may include:

  • Catching up on reading.
  • Studying for your class.
  • Signing up for a class.
  • Getting your hair figured out.
  • Volunteering at that place.
  • Getting the car washed.
  • Pulling a couple of hours of overtime at work.
  • Getting your teeth whitened.
  • Cooking dinner.
  • Going out for dinner.
  • Punching up your online dating profile.
  • Deleting your online dating profile.

The list is endless and feel free to add to it in the comments section below!

We offer a full range of residential house cleaning services from the most basic to the most elaborate. One of our two person cleaning teams can do much more in just one hour than you can alone in 2. We’ll start with the basics. We always clean from the top to the bottom. Dusting from the ceilings down to the floors where we’ll vacuum and if necessary mop. We do kitchens and bathrooms of course always with a keen eye to protecting your solid surface counters, stone work, glass and tile surfaces.

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We Are Deep House Cleaners in Victoria – Top To Bottom

Once we’ve taken care of the basics for you. The next step is up to you. We can either keep going, cleaning deeper, or allow you to take the reigns and get to some of the cleaning that is always on your list but never seems to get done! How about those windows? Polishing the stainless steel appliances? How about that cutlery drawer with all of the years-old crumbs rotting in the corners?

In one day Burley Cleaning can get to all of these things and so much more. Now what are you dreaming of doing with your free time? Knowing that your carpets and rugs have all been thoroughly cleaned with one of our HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners? You can spend more time doing what you love and what you’re best at while we’re toiling away doing what we love and what we’re good at – cleaning victoria top to bottom. Spend more time with your kids, spend more time at work. Take up a hobby. Visit an old friend. Your list will be as long as your arm and as individual as you are.

The Right Cleaning Equipment For Victoria’s Home Requirements

At Burley Cleaning we are environmentally focussed and results oriented. Essentially that means that we take our direction from you, our customer. If you prefer, we will only use biodegradable, non-toxic, and non polluting products to clean your home. Some clients however, prefer particular products for their glass, counters, appliances, or wood. In those cases, we take your lead and always do the cleaning the way you want it done.

Our cleaning crews take notes of your preferences and these are kept on file so that if a new cleaning person is sent in the future, you can be sure that your home will be cleaned just the way you like.

We use NeutraMax natural cleaner on all of your floor surfaces. It is fully biodegradable and safe to use on vinyl, linoleum, laminate, concrete, marble, tile, and terazzo. NeutraMax contains no chemicals, leaves no residue and removes surface dirt, grease, and sticky stuff too.

GlassMax is simply a better solution for windows and shower surrounds. The EcoLogo certification guarentees that you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals that can adversely affect drinking water quality, run-off to storm water drains, or even pets licking the windows. This glass cleaner is even certified for use in Food plants by the CFIA. Containing no solvents, butyl cellosolve, nonyl phenol ethoxylates (NPEs) or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) this cleaner will have you sleeping soundly at night knowing that you’re doing your bit for planet earth. Fully biodegradable this solution is safe to use on all glass, mirrors, plastics, laminates, marble, tile, and even computer screens.

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