Who Should You Hire To Clean Your Home?

Anyone who’s ever hired someone to clean their house knows the perils of setting out on this search. At Burley Cleaning we feel your pain. On the one hand you can search Craigslist or Used Victoria  and sift through the dozens of ads for independent individuals who will clean your home. On the other end of the spectrum there are corporations like Molly Maids and Merry Maids. This option you know is going to cost you more, but that’s not all. Let’s have a closer look at the two extremes of your options for hiring a cleaning service.

Independent Contractor Cleaners

This is where most people start in their quest to find just the right fit for their maid or house keeper. On the ‘garage sale’ sites like Craigslist you can find a list as long as your arm of individuals willing to come out and clean your home. If you’ve ever tried this method you probably have a few of your own stories, both comedy and horror, of how things went either with your first cleaning or subsequent ones.

The most prominent feed-back we hear from people who’ve hired independents is about unreliability. You will book the appointment and they just won’t show up. Or they’ll phone 30 minutes after they are supposed to be there to tell you they’re not coming. All proud of herself for bothering to call and offer a laughable excuse about:

  • a sick child
  • a broken down car
  • a ‘family emergency’
  • another client who needed her more
  • ‘lady problems’

The list is long and sad and hilarious. But these excuses only start once you have sifted through the available candidates and decided to give one a shot. You start by contacting a dozen or so prospective candidates for your new cleaning service. Just how unprofessional are you prepared to encounter on the other end of the telephone? Usually you will get someone who seems confused as to what you might be calling about. Who? What? Oh yes, that Craigslist ad. Right. From the first moment you feel as though you are trying to sell her on you rather than the other way around. These women may be lovely, but you will not get the sense that they are running a little business or are in any way serious about cleaning as a career.

That’s really what you need though isn’t it? Someone who isn’t just doing this type of work until something better comes along. Because you certainly don’t want to have to be going through this arduous process every other week when the cleaning service you just hired decides it’s no fun anymore!

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Professional Corporate Cleaning Services

On the other end of the cleaning services scale is the large, usually franchised, corporate house cleaning services. Think ‘The Maids’. This option adds a lot of stability in the relationship but at a cost. Usually that is quite a high cost. It’s what keeps most home owners from contacting them in the first place. The other drawback to the corporate franchise option is that you sacrifice the relationship that can grow between you and your house keeper. With the franchise maids you never really know who might show up on your doorstep on the day. Because of high turnover in the industry and the nature of the large franchise operations you will likely have to spend some time each week or two painstakingly going over just how you like things to be done and those things that you don’t want done at all.

The Best Option For Cleaning Services Victoria

At Burley Cleaning you really get the best of both worlds. We are small enough you don’t have to break your kids piggy bank to pay us but not so big that you cannot build that personal relationship with your housekeeper. We arrive promptly on time at the arranged day and time. We bring our own professional grade cleaning equipment and a full range of non-toxic environmentally friendly cleaning products as well. We have properly trained friendly cleaning teams who know just what they’re doing. We always clean from the top of each room to the bottom. Cleaning the cobwebs from ceilings, dusting high up on picture rails and upper window frames and working down to the floors, rugs, and carpets.

We always take meticulous notes about your home and your cleaning preferences so that if your regular team is not available we can offer you seamless cleaning services every time and never miss a beat. Having 2 cleaners working together we can get your home cleaned top to bottom in half the time! Having our cleaning teams arrive with all of our own cleaning supplies and equipment means that you save money by never having to buy cleaning stuff at the grocery store again!

You are welcome to stay home and oversee the work to be done or relax and take the dog for a walk, meet a friend for coffee, or volunteer at the kids school. It won’t take any time at all for you to be comfortable with leaving our bonded and insured cleaners working in your home while you take some time to do something that you find more enjoyable!

Cleaning Services Victoria
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