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When it comes to hiring a cleaning company in Victoria it seems you have only 2 choices. You can contact one of the multi-national or national franchise chains or look up individual ads on a ‘garage sale’ site like Craigslist. There are serious drawbacks to both of these options and if you’re like most people in Victoria you likely have plenty of experience with both.

Most of us are afraid of hiring one of the big franchise chains like molly maids or merry maids. There is just something about having a corporation do the house cleaning that doesn’t sit right with many people. Besides, they cost more due to all of that excessive overhead and franchise fees. Not only that but you tend not to get the personalized service that we really need from a cleaning company. If you’ve ever used one of the big chains you know that you tend to get a different cleaner each time and they never seem to know how you like things to be done and you end up wasting your time re-training your cleaning lady every week. Who needs that?

Your other option is to troll the online ads in places like Craigslist, Used Victoria, and Kijiji. This is perhaps one of life’s most disheartening exercises. Maybe even worse than actual physical exercise. There are so many ads for individual people offering their services as a housekeeper. There is no way to know anything about their training, their reputation, their background, or their reliability. We hear every day from relieved customers about the horror stories related to finding house cleaners this way. One common thread in these stories seems to be related to reliability.

Reliable Maid Service

Craigslist cleaners all seem to be flaky. Will she show up on time? Will she show up at all? Will she have to leave early to pick up her kid from school? These challenges are faced every day by people in Victoria just like you. One of our clients, we’ll call her Susan, related a typical story.

I was at my wit’s end. I had been doing my own housekeeping for a few months – yet again – because I just could not find a reliable, grown-up cleaning lady. I had out of town guests coming and realized that I just couldn’t get everything done myself before they arrived. So, back to Craigslist I went! I emailed and phoned about 6 or 8 people from the ads that I thought sounded reasonable. I didn’t choose the cheapest ones. I’d done that before and learned the hard way that you get what you pay for! Two days later I had only had replies from 2 of them. I called the first one. She answered the phone while obviously in her car driving with at least one kid with her. Not a good start. She answered the phone, “Hey, yeah, hi?”. Not even approaching professional. She sounded rushed, harried and the picture in my mind was of a deeply disorganized vehicle.

The second call I made left me with some hope. The woman sounded nice and professional and did a reasonable job of answering my questions. We agreed to a trial clean on the coming Friday at 9am. Thursday evening I got a text from her asking if 9:30 would be ok. I was immediately put off and on high alert. This is what they do! Constantly imposing the issues in their lives on me. I hate it. Of course, what could I say? I agreed and on Friday at 9:30 I was absolutely not surprised that she wasn’t here. By 10:05 I’d had enough and phoned her. No answer. At 10:20 I get a text saying that her daughter was sick and she couldn’t come until the afternoon. Typical. I replied that honesty and reliability were important to me and that she was neither honest or reliable.  She had the nerve to defend her actions and accuse me of being too rigid! Blocked. Goodbye. Never again.

That’s when I found Burley Cleaning. We had used 2 Burley Men Moving a couple of times and they were great. So when I heard that they were cleaning houses I leapt at the opportunity. Just as I had hoped they sent a 2 person cleaning team that arrived as scheduled, on time. They brought their own cleaning products and equipment and worked like dogs for 4 hours until my house was cleaner than it had ever been.

Thanks Burley Cleaning!

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