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Are you too busy to worry about cleaning? Burley Cleaning is considered an HouseKeeping Services in Victoria in the Victoria area. Their cleaning crew is able to come in to your apartment, condo or house and manage the details of your cleaning on a weekly or bi-monthly or monthly basis.
The experts at Burley Cleaning know what it takes to keep their clients’ homes looking and smelling fresh and extremely clean. They pay attention to all of the details necessary to ensure a beautifully-cleaned home, including sanitizing, whole-house cleaning, wiping down, cobweb maintenance, appliance cleaning and much more. Best of all, Burley Cleaning does it all using environmentally responsible products that won’t compromise your health or the environment.
Burley’s HouseKeeping Services in Victoria uses the powerful Pacer 12 EU vacuum on their clients’ homes with its 3-stage HEPA filtration system that is able to capture 99-97% of particles, even as small as 0.3 microns. Clients love the Pacer’s quiet operation at only 67 dBA and the fact that it does an exceptional job of keeping their carpets looking terrific.
Burley uses products that are considered to be the safest on the market, including their line of Max products that includes NeutraMax, MultiMax and GlassMax. These products have received the EcoLogo certification, which guarantees your home is being cleaned using one of the ‘eco-friendliest’ products available today.
GlassMax, used by Burley’s HouseKeeping Services in Victoria, does not contain any solvents or VOCs, making it an exceptional product to use on the glass surfaces of your home. As a biodegradable product, GlassMax can be safely used on your glass, mirrors plastics, laminates, computer screens, marble and tile.
Let the Burley Cleaning crew come in and keep your home looking beautiful week after week. With flexible options for contracts including weekly, twice-monthly and monthly services, there is an affordable option to meet every need. Getting ready for Spring cleaning? Burley’s one-time house cleaning is an affordable alternative to spending a week trying to get your home ready for the warmer weather. Take a look at Burley’s list of all areas covered on their complete home cleaning service:
Kitchen area:
- Cabinet fronts
- Countertops and shelves
- Sinks and backsplash
- Dishes loaded into dishwasher
- Appliance exteriors
- Small appliances
- Dusting
- Windowsills and tracks
- Baseboards
- Light switches, doorknobs, door frames and doors
- Tables and chairs
- Trash emptied
- Floors vacuumed and washed
Bathroom areas:
- Sinks, bathtub, shower walls, glass doors, and toilets cleaned and sanitized
- Mirrors
- Cabinets
- Dusting
- Windowsills and tracks
- Baseboards, doorknobs, door frames and doors
- Light switches
- Trash emptied
- Floors washed and/or vacuumed
- Towels changed
Count on the HouseKeeping Services in Victoria to complete your whole-house cleaning including your bedrooms and other living areas as well, ensuring your total satisfaction from start to finish. You’re going to love how Burley Cleaning can take care of your home cleaning needs. For a cost estimate, fill out the convenient online form on or call one of their cleaning experts today at 778-430-0303.
HouseKeeping Services Victoria
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