House Cleaning Services in Victoria
House Cleaning Services in Victoria provides affordable move-out cleaning services throughout the area. Are you moving out of an apartment, condo or house and wondering if you’ll get your damage deposit back? Your best chances lie in calling the professional cleaning crew from Burley Cleaning at 778-430-0303.
More locals count on the services of Burley Cleaning for move-outs because of their thorough cleaning methods combined with a knowledge of what landlords are looking for at the time of move-out. Your landlord is counting on your place to be move-in ready at the time when you move out, which is why they are relying on you to fulfill the duties of your contract. Burley Cleaning’s crew will take on one room at a time, spending the appropriate amount of time is spent sanitizing and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.
Burley’s Move-out Living Room and Bedroom Cleaning List includes all of the following:
- Edging and vacuuming of carpets and stairs
- Dusting and cobweb removal
- Spot cleaning of light fixtures, light switch plates, door frames, walls, doors, baseboards, and handrails
- Wash and dry of hard floor surfaces
- Cleaning and dusting of ceiling fans, light fixtures and vents
- Window ledges and blinds
- Inside & outside of shelves and closets
If your kitchen and bathroom are like most others, they’ll require some serious cleaning and sanitation to pass your landlord’s inspection. The Move- out Bathroom Cleaning Checklist from Burley’s crew includes:
- Cleaning medicine cabinets and the inside and outside of drawers and cabinets
- Cleaning and sanitizing toilets, bathtubs, sinks and countertops
- Cleaning and polishing chrome fixtures, mirrors and glass doors and surfaces
- Baseboards
- Window sills and blinds
- Wash and sanitize floors
- Spot clean fixtures, dusting and cobweb removal
Perhaps no other room in the house requires as much care and as thorough cleaning as the kitchen, which is why House Cleaning Services in Victoria provides the most extensive kitchen cleaning checklist of any cleaning crew in the area. Landlords love the way Burley Cleaning leaves kitchens in move-in-ready condition.
Burley’s Kitchen Checklist includes absolutely every item your landlord will be looking at during inspection, including under and behind appliances, sanitized floors, wipe down of baseboards, door frames and other furnishings, dusting and cobweb removal. Their experts will clean and disinfect the backsplash, sinks, and countertops, cleaning inside and outside of all appliances.
Your move is already stressful enough. Why not call in the cleaning crew that will give you back more of your own time and provide you with a stress-free service that will provide you with your best chances of getting your damage deposit back from your landlord? One call and their crew will be out to handle your move-out cleaning service.
Trust House Cleaning Services in Victoria for your move-out cleaning needs and satisfy your landlord’s requirements without having to spend a week managing the details of cleaning out your place. Burley Cleaning has the equipment and cleaning supplies at hand and will complete the job efficiently and affordably.
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